The Top 5 Best parts of Christmas

WP_20151212_056Todays  blog is about the best parts about Christmas. So, the best parts of Christmas  are:

  1. Friends and Family- No one should spend Christmas alone.
  2. Presents- Every deserves a nice surprise on Christmas day.
  3. Christmas Dinner- You can’t beat a full roasted turkey.
  4. Christmas Films- Christmas isn’t complete until you are sitting comfortably in a fluffy onesie having a marathon of your Christmas faves .
  5. Christmas Carols- There is something warm and fuzzy about Christmas Carols.

Leave a comment of your favourite things to do at Christmas and please follow.

Byeee xx





no school


Hey Everyone,

Today was great! I told a couple of my closest friends about this blog and the think it is great! One of my friends, E, told me to mention him so here you go E! Not mentioning is real name obviously! School was quite boring.


Thankyou for reading and I will see you tomorrow.

This is Jazzy out! xxx


Hi Everyone! This is my first blog post. I won’t just be giving advice on beauty but on life too! I am happy to listen and share experiences. Obviously, I am anonymous and only 5 people know about this.

I can’t wait to start this new adventure in my life. Please leave a comment below!

This is Jazzy out!